We are back……

By on 6th Dec 2019


Undoubtedly the last couple of years have been difficult with the ill health of the man we know as Vice, aka Rick our lead singer. We’ve been lucky that our bass man’s lad Mark stepped up to the mark (pun intended) and he did us really proud. Now Rick’s health is back and building, we are pleased to announce our first gig next year. At the Green Man in Long Itchington on Saturday the 18th January 2020 we will be doing a live and unplugged style event, as was suggested, it’s us, but on a diet! We’ll be playing our usual eclectic mix, but in a different style – we hope you can come along and enjoy us as not seen for a while.

Meantime we wish you a Merry Christmas and a very Happy, Safe, Prosperous and bloody great new year….

PS the rumours are true, we have written new lyrics for our only recorded self written song “Bad Decisions”….. it kind of launches us into the political world that is currently the first item of every bloody news program and features the phrase Brexit….. its so good though and we like the irony that we will be auditioning for the Eurovision Song Contest….. believe me, our chances are pretty good…….

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Miss Leamington & Warwick

By on 19th Dec 2013

Our friend and good buddy Allan Ballard’s eldest daughter Emily recently took up the mantle of wearing an AAWB T shirt, in her quest to become Miss Leamington and Warwick which leads to competing in Miss England. At the Ladbroke

Bonfire Man

By on 19th Dec 2013

This time were at Ricks for the bonfire night, all painstakingly planned out and neatly done, the bonfire built and ready to go before the equivalent of a Tsu Nami fell from the sky’….. Rob being a skilled risk assessor

Quad Biking, Broken Ribs

By on 19th Dec 2013

So were all away in deepest Welsh Wales celebrating Robs 50th Birthday with everyone who has played in the band except Kev who is in France. No one was shot during the Clay pigeon shooting which was merciful, and then

Setlist Changes

By on 19th Dec 2013

At a recent Charity gig at the Stoneythorpe, there was a re-hash of the time available to play as several bands were involved. Gaz shot off home to get changed and during this time, the lads decided to change the