Bonfire Man

By on 19th Dec 2013

This time were at Ricks for the bonfire night, all painstakingly planned out and neatly done, the bonfire built and ready to go before the equivalent of a Tsu Nami fell from the sky’….. Rob being a skilled risk assessor helped the bonfire to get going by errr, well, using an accelerant that happened to be around…

Gaz was stuffing his face in the barn when he heard a familiar “whoooommmffff” the kind he new to be a petrol bomb sound from his army days, which was closely followed by the second now louder “whhhhoooommmmffffff”.

As Gaz peered out the barn he noted a flaming person hastily exiting the bonfire area at Mach 2 and looking like he had Ready Brek for food as he glowed nee flamed in the night.

Fortunately the vapours of petrol swiftly burnt out and Rob was left merely embarrassed and reddened all over as opposed to seriously burnt……

He is now however the cleanest shaven of us all with no visible body hair save for the bits we don’t talk about since he stopped using them………..

Bonfire did get going though.

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