Quad Biking, Broken Ribs

By on 19th Dec 2013

rick-ouchTallSo were all away in deepest Welsh Wales celebrating Robs 50th Birthday with everyone who has played in the band except Kev who is in France.

No one was shot during the Clay pigeon shooting which was merciful, and then we went on to the extreme quad biking…… Ian said it was probably not that extreme… WRONG!!!!

We had 5 bumps in all, Trev went off on the practice lap, Mark (non band member but a good fan, thanks Mark!!!) started a new sport called Quad Batics when he crashed, Gaz rolled his, then hit a tree full out, but Rick, oh boy Rick, up ended his and it fell on him breaking 3 ribs in the process and cutting short his weekend.

In sincere pain his groans and moans have us thinking about doing “Staying Alive, and possibly Every breath you take…. actually it was not funny, well for Rick in any event!!

We wish him of course a genuine speedy recovery but we do have a gig coming up, a stand in may be appropriate. And by the way if an ambulance guy says that your boots are better at gripping, what he really means is “your mates too fat, you lift him………”

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