Bring on 2017

By on 14th Mar 2017

After a quiet start to the new year things are beginning to come together. We’ve invested in a new digital mixing desk and amplifiers, Steve is now truly settled in the band, and we have an emerging new set list, whilst retaining some of those great tunes you love!!

Coming up this year will be another charity event supporting Gaz who foolishly is also doing a triathlon, the charity selected is Evelyn’s Gift, a local charity hailing from Leamington, that does little things, and often. Check out the FB page for updates on Gaz getting fitter, and for the Fund Raising page, you can sponsor him directly of course or come and see us live when the charity gig venue and dates are announced, it should be a BBQ and Band night so great monies worth in any event.

We’re still looking from some more local public venues, the pub trade has been hit hard lately and working with good venues is becoming quite a challenge, but we’ll keep on trying to find some places during the course of the year you can come see us.

Looking forward to seeing you around soon,


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