Band set up and equipment

It’s often a question asked about the kit we carry and use as a band and not just the individual musical instruments but the whole thing that goes together to make up the performance. It’s key to be flexible and able to perform at a range of venues so our kits varies from gig to gig….


6 x Shure Beta 52 Microphones

Complete 8 mic set for drum miking

1 x Allen and Heath 24 channel fully digital mixing desk

1 x Phonic 12 channel mixing desk (built in amplifier 500 watts)

24 channel 50 metre snake

1 x Peavey 1000 watt amplifier

1 x Peaey 1600 watt digital amplifier

2 x Peavey 18 inch sub woofers

2 x Peavey 16 inch midrange speakers

2 x Peavey 12 Inch midrange speakers

2 x Wharfedale Powered monitors 80 watt

1 x Wharfedale powered monitor 120 watt

2 x IEM Sennheiser

8 x Parc can 56 LED lights

4 x Par can 64 Led lights

8 x Par can 56

4 x Par can 64

8 x Par can 36

Light mixing desk Led and analogue both on DMX protocols

Overhead gantry with adjustable height tripods

Lighting truss

Small fx lights x 3

So if you do book us, you can be assured within all that we have the right amount of kit to make the correct level of volume, and the right ambience!






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