Gazzer referred to as Gaz, but never ever call him short (it may be true but…..) fat is ok as is ugly but never short……

Gaz has an eclectic taste of music, unfortunately very incompatible with a keyboard less band, however he is not deterred and loves the way the stringy pluckers (I think that’s what he called them) interpret a way to play the songs he likes without keys. Which Gaz found confusing as Rick keeps mentioning keys and it’s not the right one!

From a technical perspective, Gaz has always been a fan of Tama, and now boasts a top of the range Bubinga Starclassic kit, 4 toms, double bass pedal, and a Masai Warlord Snare, all of which happen to be rather loud when hit! Sabian cymbals, and a natty Roland SPDS , a sort of sampling, drum machine thing, so not all the odd sounds you will hear come from Gaz himself you will realise…..He has also recently been allowed to sing following a full on no singing band, in fact if you listen to us you will hear his prominence in Black Pearl….. He has however been working out better ways to keep to time and stuff, so now you may occasionally hear an urban dwarf (or is it Metro Gnome) clicking out to get the boys timing perfect. He also insists on using lights which Rob hates, Rick and Kev break, but does add to the overall show effect! Gaz also has a lot to do with the PA and sound actually holds a sound engineering certificate, showing the value of such can be challenged, but he likes a good set up and tries hard to achieve the “sound” we all love.