What can you say about this near genius? Indeed, he is not only clever but rather partial to playing songs simply because they have a “stunning chord” in them. Its not only guitars that he’s good at but rackets with strings such as tennis and badminton. He knows all there is to know about fruit flies and maggots, really useful stuff huh?!

Kev continues to amaze us though, with his interest in folk music, song writing and performing with his sons, in studio and live, his repertoire and range second to none. He is now part of a songwriting group in Coventry, not something you would say naturally comes together but the band get the best from it! Pete has tuned his other electric thing, but you will from time to time see his custom built acoustic beastie, which really does perform, as does our Kev.

Plays: Cort G290, Ovation electro acoustic

Pretends to sing,

Drinks heavily, Eats too much,

Trys to …… play badminton and tennis,

Enjoys: Going to work and playing with his flies,

Now also available on his own MySpace site.