Here’s Rick’s version of his life ……

Our lead singer is an interesting character, now working across the country but with a head office in Norfolk, he has taken to be the travelling man of the band and in true muso style is often “on the road” these days. Musically he still claims to stun wildlife at a distance with his vocal reach and we’ve noticed weird behaviour when pickled Gherkins are present, but otherwise you know he is just normal….ish.

For his birthday a year or so back, he went to a voice coaching lesson by some leading vocal coach, I thought it was Graeme Norton but it turned out to be David Graham… who suggested Rick’s voice wasn’t half bad at all…… Now apart from all this vocal stuff Rick does suffer from a couple of issues, namely not seeing what is happening in front of him (the number of engaged young ladies staring at him in wanton ways), not understanding PA technology and also not turning the power off a light that he broke and got Kev to finish off…. sparks did fly…..

But as a singer and all round good bloke we could not ask for more, and his voice is what gives the distinctive signature in the band…

          Interestingly within the band Rick signs off mail as Voice, well usually. The other week he forgot the “O”, and now describes himself perfectly, as “Vice”… if the cap fits…..