NAME: Rob ‘Gittar’ Levin
SIZE: The most above average there is! He’s a big ‘un
  • Twin Lead Guitars
  • Harmonica and other instruments if needed!
  • Backing Vocals
  • Rob collects old battered guitars and customizes them into machines of mayhem
  • Currently playing Guitars – Gibson SG, Epiphone SG,Dean Flying V,Fender Telecoustic, Strat, Les Paul of various denominations,
  • Robs kit changes regularly the Two story Marshall Stack nearly caught fire on a gig and was changed for something simply far more fekking loud called a Cube and his footpedals are for those with high levels of dexterity, but it apparently is still not loud enough….
  • Many Former Bands … including Fallacy, Rob’n The Roundheads and the legendary Hemmy Royd & The Piledrivers (guest musician’s band)
FAVOURITE SETTINGS: Crunch and Insane, volume number 11!
STRESS: The PA system and monitors
MOST FAMOUS GROUP MOMENT: Falling out with Health & Safety at Warwick Uni Biology Christmas Gig and see stories for the Flaming Man incident……!!!!!
BEST BEER: Fiddlers Elbow when thin, Michelob Ultra when fat.
MUSICAL AIMS: Spread the waistline; start young, feed on raw rock and get singing and playing, but now following the party line on the food front as dicatated by his good lady!