After many years of lonely driving, Rick perfected his astonishing vocal power from shouting at the many colleagues he met on the road. His ability to shatter an ear drum at 100 yards has fascinated the scientific world, as well as many of the farming community anxious to substitute his larynx for their rather outmoded scarecrow population. Often referred to as “Voice”, he once omitted the “i”, and if the cap fits wear it…… Vice!

Kev here is not only a veritable and qualified genius nee Professor of valuable and interesting things when it comes to Fruit Fly’s and genetics, but has the most incredible style on the guitar. No doubt at all if inclined he could turn pro but working for a university, why make it harder than it need be! Also been heard on Radio 4…… for his day job though!

With an agricultural background and sense of humour, Rob is large and handles the money! The guitar looks tiny in his hand (other things in his hand are tiny!) but his talents are obvious and he can even sing too although his favourite lyrics are “doggy doo doo”! Speaks as it is, laughs louder and sports a zest and enthusiasm for life larger than his frame….. just don’t mention health and safety in front of him…


Gaz or Gazzer is the bloke at the back responsible for keeping it all together, not that you would notice. He claims tongue in cheek that he is brilliant and never goes out of time or misses a beat. Famed for diplomacy when pressed, he usually manages to control Health and Safety matters with a grin. He gets a real workout from the band as there is a lot of energy around but is never, repeat never allowed to sing, but is now sometimes allowed at the front to percuss…..

Steve bass pic sepia

Now on our 4th model of bassists, Steve joined with a very interesting past. Its Formula 1 heritage here, so we thoroughly enjoy at least one song that he starts!!! Truth is the   man is a cool dude, he has a hat for gigs, odd numbers of strings on his bass, talks of valves and orange crates, and has some special stick bass thingy…. No doubt more to come as he tackles the “well that’s they way we play it” attitudes’ from kindkindred guitar folk!


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