Road Crew

Those who have watched our progress will have seen the growth in equipment, new lights, PA system et al. Well you need help to get the sound right, the lights up and the kit both in and out of venues without killing the bands stamina.

Now if your a local person then you may have seen that the percussionist in the famed local band The Ladbroke Rockers, is the spitting image of the new sound man for the AAWB…. well no coincidence it is of course that very nice man Mr Allan Ballard.

Allan has always been generous to the band, in fact for some years, he lent us his works unit to rehearse in, when we had nowhere to go…. sniff, and through that in truth he kept us going. Allan is passionate about the delivery of the sound and although not having done it before, if you have been with us a while you will see the amazing difference in the delivery of the sound. It is a tricky thing to do as on stage we are all divas asking for this that, change that, louder quieter, softer more harsh cut the feedback, it’s not right more IEM, no not that much, my stand fell over, the audience is spilling drink on stage.

Mr Ballard takes it all in his stride and simply gets on with it for us. He also dabbles with the lights and photography as well as a grateful extra pair of hands for moving everything and the use of his ex ambulance van is just beyond reproach. We are all truly grateful and privileged to have Allan on board, he is our hero!